Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Morning Amusement

Not sure if this should fall under the "amusement" or "amazement" category. Squirrels are smarter than we think:


David said...

Cherie, oh, yes, I know all about the jumping capabilities of squirrels. My mother in law used to feed the birds in her back yard and get so mad at the mess they made around the bird feeder. Every thing was tried to keep them out of the feeder. She finally just gave up feeding the birds but then the crazy squirrels would scratch on the door wanting food. She moved away from that place but never made the mistake of trying to feed the birds again. Squirrels are the rascals of the neighborhood. They can tease dogs relentlessly and know just how far to climb that tree to be out of jumping range. Then they do the tail twitching thing that drives a dog wild. It would drive my little dog crazy but it did give him good exercise until he got too old to jump any more. We still have dogs in the neighborhood but I don't see many squirrels any more. I'm not sure what happened to them. We used to be loaded with squirrels. Ah, well, I certainly can live without them.

Have a great squirrel amusement/entertainment day.

Cherie said...

David, when I lived in the city, the squirrels were quite a nuisance. However, here in the country, the squirrels are wary of humans and my dog tends to keep them from the house.