Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday Morning Amusement

It has felt this way around here lately - with more snow predicted for Thursday:


David said...

Cherie, you made me belly laugh. Another good reason why I don't have live stock to care for. Today it will reach 40 degrees and tomorrow will be 35 with a winter mix of freezing rain and snow. It's the typical beginning of March weather for here in Nebraska. It makes for nasty weather but not nearly as cold as the early in February weather. We truly can not complain about the Winter weather this winter in Nebraska. Yes, we have had extremely cold weather but then we have had extremely warm weather as well. We haven't had an extreme amount of snow but enough for Spring moisture. Urban city dwellers where I live would like to see fair skies and warm weather every day without a single thought about how it would so unbalance nature and the food chain. So many folks in the city think that food comes from the grocery store and haven't got a clue that weather is a factor in producing it.

Have a great getting the chickens fed day. :-)

Cherie said...

David, glad it made you laugh! Of course, our weather is nothing compared to your typical weather. Yes, when you don't have a connection between your food source and the natural elements, you only want things to be comfortable. Bill and I hope we're helping educate people about what it really takes to grow food. I had a woman refuse to buy my eggs because I told her the chickens were free range and ate bugs. :)