Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Spring!

The crocuses know it's spring!
Spring is finally here! (Although yesterday's weather didn't reflect it.) Things are starting to bloom and bud around here. I have herbs and flowers poking through the soil. The tulips I planted last fall are coming in and I can't wait to see the blossoms!


David said...

Cherie, signs of Spring are all around in Nebraska. I fear that my crocuses are dead. They did not come up this year. This winter had severely cold weather reaching far below zero without snow cover. I suspect that may have killed them. However, the tulips and daffodils have managed to endure the extreme temperatures and are making their way to another wonderful display. They are closer to the house than the crocuses were so that may have helped.

Temperatures are still above normal here and we are now in a no burn alert because of the lack of moisture. We've had very little moisture this year and if the trend continues, the farmers here could be in trouble for the planting season. Hopefully, April will indeed bring April showers. I'm praying that your situation with too much rain will ease up enough for planting.

Have a great Spring day.

Aimee / EcoGrrl said...

Yay!! So funny to see how the timing is around the country, as our crocuses and daffodils are long gone, and tulips in full bloom with lilacs just a couple days away from showing off as well :) We're appreciative of the rain refilling our cisterns and the forecast is bringing nice on and off sun/showers all week - perfect here in Oregon :)