Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

When people discover that I'm a vegetarian who often aspires to veganism, they usually ask two questions.  The first one is:  Where do you get your protein?  Here's one possible response, although I usually just point out that there is protein in everything:

Actually, we don't have a protein deficiency in this country - we have an excess of protein in our diets.  Want to see a protein deficiency?  Go to a place like Haiti, where you see skeletal children with reddish hair and distended stomachs.  That's a protein deficiency; it's called kwashiorkor.

The other question is:  How do you get your calcium?  Here's a chart of vegetables, including several that are high in calcium:

Any questions?   Now go out and eat some leafy greens - along with some other great produce.

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