Friday, May 23, 2014

Farm Friday

A quick post before I head out this morning.  Today is a delivery day, plus I have errands to run as Friday is my main day to run errands.  Since fuel is so precious, I try to get all of my errands done in conjunction with a delivery day plus all in one trip.

Earlier this week, I found this little fella burrowed in my basil starts:

This past week was another busy week with market day and a goat sale both falling on Saturday.  We had to load the goats early in the morning, prior to getting the produce organized to take to market.  Bill went off in one direction to the goat sale, I went in the other to the market.

We sold several of our goats because we're trying to get our herd size down in order to improve the health of the whole.  While technically our pastures are the right size for our herd, when you have bad winters, the experts prove wrong and the goats suffer.  Spring brings it's own challenges as this is the time goats are most likely to pick up deadly parasites.  I've put together a "goat health" chart so that we can monitor the parasite load and other health concerns in each individual.  We're also spreading out our goats between two pastures which should help improve their health after the long, tough winter.

Although Saturday was a "slow" day at the market, we noted that a slow moment at that market is a busy day at the market we went to last year.  This market is much more established and in a better location that gets foot traffic as well as drive ups.  Since I spent several years going to that market, mainly as a crafter but also as a produce vendor, I know many of the other vendors and have reconnected with past customers.

We had a bumper crop of radishes because Bill had extra seed leftover from last year that he sowed in an empty area.  They came in strong and were'e a popular item at the market, so I had to get creative.  I didn't think I liked radishes until I tried fresh-from-the-garden radishes.  So far I've made a modified version of this slaw recipe and also this pickled recipe.  Yesterday, I processed this radish green pesto and will try it tonight.  Two more plans for radishes are glazed radishes and roasted radishes.  Seasonal eating is an adventure!

I spent some time this week making my concoctions (i.e., window cleaner and all-purpose cleaner).  I also picked some plantain that I'm infusing in olive oil so I can make salve with it.  I've become addicted to herbal teas, both in the a.m. and p.m., so I'm looking into buying the basic ingredients to make my own.  For everything we can wild-craft, grow, or make for ourselves, the less money we have to spend - meaning the less money we need to make!  Not only is it better for our pocketbooks, it's better for our health and well being. 

Have a great weekend!

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