Saturday, May 10, 2014

Week in Review

Since I spent yesterday running errands, making deliveries, and getting ready for today's farmers' market, I wasn't able to put up a "Farm Friday" post.  So here's a wrap up of some of what went on around the farm this past week:

*In keeping with our homesteading/sustainable living ethic, I replenished some of our homemade toiletries this week by making toothpaste, face wash, and face oil.  I also made a loaf of no-knead bread.

*I had to go to Greensboro for my annual thermascan (a radiation-free alternative to mammograms), I stopped by Earth Fare, a health food store, and stocked up on some bulk and organic ingredients that aren't available in our community.  I also bought some new teas to try.

*I'm continuing my "90 Things in 90 Days" decluttering project and gave away several boxes of books, mainly books our son left behind after he got married and also books from my husband's seminary classes.  I'm well ahead of my 90 things.

*We switched our mid-week delivery times/days around and I think it will work out well both for us and for our customers.

*Spring is definitely here, although it appears to be brief as temperatures are starting to soar.  I watched the goldfinches at the bird feeder one morning - love those birds!  The bumblebees are also back and it's always interesting to watch them as they establish and defend their territories.

*A bird decided to build a nest in my front door wreath (not the first time this has happened) but it appears it has realized that is not the best or safest place for eggs and so has abandoned it.

*We had another successful day at the farmers' market, selling out almost all of our produce.  Although it was a difficult decision to switch markets this year, we think it was the right choice.  As I was a regular vendor there several years ago, it is good to see old faces, as well as new ones.  

*One of our hens went broody last month and ended up hatching nine chicks.  Here's the mama and a few of the babies - aren't they cute?!
Photo: A few of the 9 new chicks one of our hens hatched yesterday.  Don't forget to come see us at the farmers' market this morning.
We have another hen that has decided to sit, as well, and I suggested to Bill that we take some of the eggs from our pure-breed Dominique flock (a heritage breed that almost became extinct) and put them under her to hatch.  We put her in the "brooder" coop last night so she can have some privacy and she took to the nest of eggs right away.  In about 20 days, we should have a new batch of chicks, helping to bring back this old breed.

Have a great weekend!

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