Saturday, February 8, 2014

Social Justice Saturday: How Much Is Enough?

Matt Wuerker


Rubye Jack said...

I would love to know how that 1% think, whether or not they care about others, what they eat. Who are they anyway and where do they live? Are they intelligent or not so much? Are they religious? Just wondering.

Cherie said...

Rubye, I'm sure they come from a wide variety of backgrounds - some care about others, some don't, etc. What unifies many of them is the drive for more. The Walton family is a good example as they're one of the richest families in the world and yet have no problem with their employees having to use food stamps or with driving small stores out of business. I've seen it in my work in Haiti, as well, where only 10% of the population has any wealth - and some go so far as to enslave children. I think greed blinds us to the needs of others. Here's a link to show the wealth disparity trend in the US: