Friday, February 14, 2014

Farm Friday

View from our front porch
We got hit with the snow storm.  It started mid-day on Wednesday and continued into the afternoon yesterday.   Fortunately, we 1) planned for it so didn't have to worry about running out of some food or other item that we needed and 2) didn't lose power.  Whenever I know we are in for bad weather, I try to do a bit of prep work just in case things are worse than expected.  I make sure we have plenty to eat by stocking up at the grocery store, baking some extra bread, and cooking a few meals that we can heat up in the microwave should we lose power.  (We have a generator and one of the things it powers is the microwave.)  Our poor dog Ginny hasn't been able to go outside, except for brief stints to do her business.  The snow is deep (for Virginia) plus it has crusted over, making it difficult and dangerous for the girl to walk.  Due to the possibility of a broken leg, I've been walking her just outside our garage door where the snow isn't too deep.  Here's a few more pics of the aftermath of the storm:
Back deck is covered
Snow even drifted onto our front porch

Shot through our bedroom door - that's the doghouse under the snow
One important item I had to run out and get on Tuesday, the day before the snow was expected, was milk for my bottle fed kid.  (We lost the last of the triplets so I only have the one to bottle feed.)  I've named him Squeaky because his voice was so hoarse from calling for his mother and that is what alerted us to the fact that he had been abandoned.

The weather has affected the transition of inside to outside for Mr. Fabulous.  But it doesn't seem to be bothering him:
I'm in the home stretch of my buy-nothing-new challenge.  It has been a great experience as it has really  made me aware of how little we actually need.  Plus it encourages creativity.  I've found that I can think outside the box when I find myself in a situation where I think I "need" some new thing.  Instead of running out and buying that perfect item, I find new ways to use things I already own.  Honestly, this exercise has been pretty easy for me as I stepped off the consumer treadmill a number of years ago - but it has shown me that I still make brief (and usually unnecessary) forays into that world.  This exercise would be challenging for someone who regularly haunts the local mall or big box stores.  All the more reason to do it!

The Piedmont Sustainable Living meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night.  We'll have to play it by ear and see how quickly the snow melts and what the evening temperatures are supposed to be.  We don't want people risking dangerous road conditions.

Have a great weekend!

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