Friday, February 28, 2014

Farm Friday

Time has gotten away from me today!  So I'll share a couple of photos of Squeaky and then do a quick recap of this past week.

Photo: Squeaky having his breakfast.

Last weekend I went solo to a conference in Asheville, North Carolina (the above-pictured bottle-fed goat is one reason for my solo journey).  It was a conference based on the business of farming, rather than on the mechanics.  I'm so impressed by the food movement in North Carolina and I feel we're fortunate to be in on the ground floor of the movement here in the Piedmont area.

On Monday we hosted our chemical-free farms group.  We get together regularly to share ideas.

Wednesday night we got the opportunity to see Carrie Newcomer, a Quaker folk-singer, at Duke Divinity School.  Not only was the event free, it was in a very intimate setting with no more than 50 in attendance.  Although I didn't know anything about her or her music before the concert, she has gained a new fan.  Her music was interesting as it could be funny at times and thought-provoking at others.  

Our hens have begun laying eggs more regularly and this week we resumed deliveries on a limited basis.  We even got three new customers this week, one in particular was extremely excited to know she now has a source for food that is raised using organic methods.  She's very excited about coming to the farm store on a regular basis.

We've decided to sell at a different farmers' market this year and we will be attending a vendor's meeting tomorrow to meet with the market manager and get more details about the rules, etc. of that particular market.

I've been busy making items for a craft show I'm doing in April.  Of course, aprons are my number one items but I plan to sell a few other items, including book markers, tote bags, therapy pillows, hand scrubs, and lotion bars.  Some of these items are new for me and should keep me occupied over the next month as I try to fine tune everything.

Have a great weekend!  

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