Friday, February 7, 2014

Farm Friday

Winter is supposed to be a quiet time on the farm, but it hasn't been that way this week.  Here's a quick post with a few highs and lows from the week:

We attended the Virginia Association of Biological Farmers this past weekend.  We ran into our intern from last summer and got caught up on all that was going on in her life.  We also came back chock full of ideas.

We attended a Beginning Farmer and Rancher seminar yesterday.  While we got some good ideas about the business of farming, we also connected with like-minded people as far as farming is concerned.  Almost every single person in the room mentioned the connection between current health problems with what we have done to our food system and the need to get back to more chemical-free living.

Among the lows were some problems with the goats.  We've had a number of stillborn kids, plus I had to pull four goats yesterday due to difficulties with delivery:  a single and triplets.  The single is doing great but we lost two of the triplets and I'm having to bottle feed the surviving kid because the mother is too weak to provide milk.  She's doing better now but I'll have to continue with the bottle feeding.  We also had a "mystery" baby.  We're not sure who the mother is, although we did identify one female who looked like she could have possibly given birth.  Regardless of who the mother is, she abandoned the kid so we have a second bottle baby.  Although I'm sure most readers want to read happy stories about an idyllic life on the farm, I'm not going to sugarcoat it.  Sometimes it's rough, especially when the animals have to survive a harsh winter.  

On a happier note, we have our granddaughter with us again this weekend.  Our daughter will be home, as well, and she wanted to spend some auntie time with her so asked if I could arrange for a visit.  

Have a great weekend!

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