Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making Things Better?

Electronic board 2
Last week I blogged about planned obsolescence and my experience with Sears Parts Direct (read about it here).  As a result of my post, a representative from the company contacted me via my blog, telling me they wanted to further assist me with my problem.  It sounded promising so I sent an email on Sunday.  Not long after, I received a call from one of their representatives.

End result:  someone higher up the ladder told me the exact same thing that I was told when I first tried to return the parts.  There wasn't even a hint that they might consider taking back the parts.  They just wanted to tell me they were sorry that I was unhappy with the situation.  This was supposed to make me feel better?  My suggestion to them:   If you're not going to do anything about a problem, leave it alone.  Contacting disgruntled customers but not giving results will not improve the situation.


EcoGrrl said...

Ugh! They're digging themselves into a deeper hole. I'm sorry. I've tweeted this story and Sears has definitely lost more than one customer because of this!

Bill said...

How very thoughtful of them to take some of your time to let you know how sorry they are that they have your money and you have their useless merchandise.