Friday, July 12, 2013

Farm Friday

Summer has been busy and challenging.  Sorry I don't have photos this week.  One of the challenges we've been facing is the crazy weather.  Last night it rained 2 1/2 inches on our farm - it rained much more in other areas nearby - and at 2 o'clock today it was 69 degrees!  In July!  Very difficult to grow summer crops in this weather.  Fortunately, our spring produce has held out for the most part while we wait for summer items to come in (hopefully before the bugs kill them).

We sold at the farmers' market on Saturday and had our best day ever.  The market changed its opening time, opening half an hour earlier, which meant shoppers showed up even earlier than before.  Seems we were busy from the moment we arrived to set up until not long before closing time.  

The market now also opens on Tuesday night from 5 to 7 and we had quite a crowd for the first day.  We weren't expecting such a turn out so didn't bring as much produce as we could have.  Again, shoppers where there when we arrived at 4:30.  By 5:05 we were almost completely sold out.  However, we stayed around until almost 7 because we wanted to get the word out to interested buyers that we are the only farm there that grows using all organic methods.

Sometimes we get shoppers who turn their noses up at our prices (there're actually very good for chemical-free produce) and the natural reaction is to try to explain what organic means in order to justify our prices.  However, we've decided to not throw the proverbial pearls before swine.  Those are not the customers for us - and they should go elsewhere.  We can only grow a finite amount of food and we want it to go to people who appreciate what goes into it and how much better it is for their health and for the planet.

We have an intern arriving on Sunday; she'll be working with us for three weeks.  We had two other interns who were scheduled to work with her but they had unforeseen changes in their plans so won't be able to make it.  Bill met this intern at a farm conference we attended earlier this year.  She has interned elsewhere so it will be a good opportunity for an exchange of information.

Tomorrow night we're going to a screening of the documentary Hot Water.  It's about the effects of uranium mining and nuclear power and is very relevant to our current situation since certain residents and politicians want the state to allow uranium mining and milling in our county.  The "pro" people say it's ignorance talking when residents express their opposition to the so-called jobs and prosperity it will bring.  I say it's greed talking when they want to take chances with the health of the community.  I hope the film will open the eyes of some residents who have been undecided - or even some of the "pros."

Have a great weekend!

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EcoGrrl said...

Congratulations on great sales! Hey not sure how much room you have in your market booth, but here in PDX a lot of folks will have a big sign up describing their organic/sustainable practices to explain to the masses who deserve educating :)