Friday, July 26, 2013

Farm Friday

Gratuitous photo of Ginny
The crazy weather conditions, combined with hungry critters, has prevented us from going to the farmers' market for almost two weeks now.  The wildlife is one thing, but the wide swings in weather conditions is really scary.  It was in the sixties a couple of days ago - in July? In Virginia?  Crazy.  It's as if the climate is "wobbling."  Climate change is really frightening as it can affect our ability to eat.  In the developed world, we're so accustomed to getting our food at the grocery store where it has been shipped all over the globe so many of us don't realize the connection between the weather and our ability to eat.

Although we haven't been able to count on many of our summer staples, we did have a surprise harvest of shiitake mushrooms, most of which we've already cooked up and enjoyed.  I have a few more that need to be eaten.

This week I worked on several homesteading projects - baked bread, used stale bread for croutons, and made herbal deodorant.  I've really enjoyed reading The Good Life Lab and highly recommend it for anyone trying to step outside the rat race.

Since my washing machine repair was a fail, I had to purchase a new one.  I found one that is a top-loading, Energy Star, agitator-free machine that was on sale at a very good price.  I talked to the salesman and he told me that these types of washers are water savers just like the front loaders, but the cost a lot less.  When it was delivered to our house, I ended up taking to the delivery team.  They confirmed what I have decided - all new appliances are designed to break after the warranty expires.  They even told me that everyone in the delivery department at this particular big box home improvement store buys the cheapest appliances.  They said that since they go into homes and talk to people, they know that it doesn't matter what you pay, that you will have to replace your appliances within a few years of purchase so you're  better off with the least expensive.  

I found confirmation of this with yet another appliance.  We had our air conditioning go out last week and I had it serviced.  The motor had burned out and we were told that this is typical.  We are just a disposable society - we would rather pay little for something that will need to be replaced than pay more and have something for a lifetime.  Of course, the marketing of all the new and improved items makes us want to be that way.  And we can live like that because we don't see the ultimate damage done by this way of thinking.  

On a positive note, we're getting our granddaughter this weekend as she is always excited about spending time on the farm - and of course time with Mimi and Grandpa.

Have a great weekend!

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