Monday, July 22, 2013

Working for a Living

While the following video is hilarious, it's also very, very sad.  It shows what I try get across to those who think being on welfare or food stamps is easy street (hello Rep. Fincher of Tennessee) - that the working poor cannot get by on what they make alone.  

I sometimes help out at our local food bank and have several friends who work there weekly.  Over and over again we see individuals come through the line wearing their job uniform - these are people who serve the rest of us in multiple ways every day.  One winter I waited on a woman wearing her Goodwill employee name tag - I helped make a selection from a rack of donated coats.  Apparently, she couldn't even afford Goodwill's prices.  

So now McDonald's, proves that their employees, even if they work a second job, cannot survive on their income.  The math doesn't work.  Breaks my heart.

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