Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

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Rodale News has an article about the dangerous effects of BPA.  BPA comes from  plastic and cans lined with plastic.  This is one area where I really need improvement because I still buy food in cans but need to get away from it.  (I'm still not convinced that buying BPA-free plastic is the way to go because they're just substituting another similar plastic that probably is just as harmful).  I am slowly taking steps to get away from canned food that comes in plastic-lined cans.  I recently bought tomato paste in a jar - it was expensive but health care even more so.  Starting with tomato products is a great first step because tomatoes and tomato products are acidic and can erode the lining faster than other foods.  I still buy mushrooms and beans in cans but I can get around that because mushrooms are available in glass jars and I can cook and freeze my own beans from dried. 

Here's a summary of what BPA can do for you:

  1. erode teeth
  2. cause heart arrhythmia
  3. lower sex drive
  4. increase abdominal fat
  5. affect the health of your offspring and descendants

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EcoGrrl said...

If you can find Eden brand, they're the only non-bpa lined cans. Canned mushrooms? Really? Never heard of 'em! Have you tried pickling or dehydrating them as preservation ? We have mushrooms year round here in Oregon so I've only done pickling for fun :)