Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Save 50%

Stop following directions.  That's right; if we stop following directions we can save up to 50%, sometimes even more, by refusing to follow directions.  From grade school on, we're taught to adhere to the teacher's directions, color inside the lines, *bubble in the answer*, etc.  As a result this has spilled over into our everyday lives.  

Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.  How often have we seen this?  And most of us follow it.  What would happen if we didn't?  What if we just lathered and rinsed?  Do you fill the dishwasher cup to the top?  And the laundry detergent cap to the suggested line?  Have you ever thought about why repeat or fill to the line or the full cup?  Rather than it being the most effective amount, maybe it's the most the manufacturer can make us use without experiencing negative results.  

By refusing to conform and follow directions, we'd cut some of our expenses in half.  And for those who haven't switched to eco-friendly toiletries and cleaners, it would reduce the amount of toxins from those products by half - and the amount of plastic and other containers.  You can go further by thinking of the necessity of some daily activities.  Two showers a day?  Is it a necessity?  Can you plan your activities so that only one is necessary?  Same with washing your hair.  Does it need to be done every day or would every other day suffice?  Rethinking these things can cut some expenses in half.  So I suggest you view everyday activities with a critical eye. Do you really need to follow the directions?  


EcoGrrl said...

I LOVE this post!!!!!! Amen sista! Seriously, I have never 'repeated' when I shampoo my hair and I only wash it twice a week - i.e. when it gets dirty. I've always put only half the amount it says to do with dishwashing & laundry soap and it works great. Instructions can be a marvelous marketing ploy, eh? :)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Who repeats???? Maybe if Ive been camping without a shower for a week. But I must share this instruction reading advise that did result in 50%. I buy the Trader Joe's powdered laundry detergent, which comes with a plastic scoop (don't like that But I collect them and they get donated someplace). I finally read the directions and with a front loading washer I was to only use 1/2 a scoop, here I was using a whole scoop. In my scoop collection I actually had one that was 1/2 the size and now I double my usage- 1 box every 6 months + that includes regularly washing the bedding for a stinky dog.

Happy December!