Friday, December 21, 2012

Farm Friday

I continue to bake "no knead" bread on a regular basis.  I first got the idea from The Gardener's Cottage.  Then I saw a couple of videos with Mark Bittman (here and here) using a similar recipe to make bread.  I modified it very slightly and am pretty happy with the results.

This week we have the privilege of hosting our granddaughter for a few days.  It came as a surprise to us - we had wanted her to spend a few days with us but knew she had a very busy schedule.  Turns out her parents were able to get her out of school a few days early on the condition that she keep a journal about her stay at her grandparents' organic farm.  Here she is petting one of our sweetest goats, Sheena, who always loves attention:
As the weather has been fairly mild, we still have a few things growing in the gardens:  spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, radicchio, and collards.  I continue to seek out new ways to cook - some hits, some misses.

Have a great weekend!

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Teresa Evangeline said...

I love fresh out of the oven bread more than any other food, even above chocolate chip cookies. Your bread looks absolutely delicious.