Friday, December 28, 2012

Farm Friday

Our holiday season has been extended as we got a surprise call Wednesday night.  Seems our granddaughter's plans for the weekend fell through and our son asked if we wanted to spend more time with her.  Of course we said yes and picked her up late yesterday afternoon.  We've fallen into a routine when she visits - she always wants to go look at the animals with Grandpa and wants to help Mimi in the kitchen.  This morning we made pancakes and we have plans to make cookies, granola, and bread while she's here.

Saturday night was stressful for us - we had to call the vet to stitch up our horse Rowan.  Our guard dog Joey and Rowan have a love/hate relationship where sometimes they are the best buddies and other times they're snapping at and chasing one another.  Bill went outside to check on the goats and startled the dog while he was sleeping.  He happened to be sleeping on the bale of hay that the horse was snacking on and something made Joey decide to snap at him.  Unfortunately, he did more than snap.  The poor vet was hosting a Christmas party at his house when I called.  Since Rowan wasn't bleeding profusely - but it was a large tear that needed stitches - he was able to enjoy his guests and come to the farm after the party.  The next morning, we made the decision to move Rowan to a different pasture because we can't risk another incident between the two of them.  

On a positive note, I've been able to do a little bird watching.  The birds are finally getting serious about the feeder I hung outside.  With the lower temperatures and the rain we've had, I think they decided that black oil sunflower seeds are the best bet for meals.  At one point I had four of these little guys at the feeder.  I also have a feeder at the farm house and it's about half empty now.  

Have a great weekend!


Rubye Jack said...

Sorry to hear about Rowan but glad it all turned out okay. Thank goodness say the birds for feeders.

EcoGrrl said...

oh how terrifying! poor baby! everything better? i'm a horsey girl so this made me extra sad :(

on a positive note - great photos. winter seems to have bypassed us in the northwest, as we're still hovering in the 40s. not good though as weeds are having a grand old time and we need a good freeze!

EcoGrrl said...

oops forgot to finish my thought...i love the quote and it reminds me of other things in my life as well...all part of knowing who we are, right? what we will and will not tolerate and/or surround ourselves with.

Cherie said...

Rubye and EcoGrrl, Rowan is fine and back to being his grumpy self.