Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wellness Wednesday
Thanksgiving weekend, specifically the Sunday after Thanksgiving, is the most traveled time of the year in the United States.  Since many people will be traveling via automobile, I thought I'd share a few safe driving tips.

Make sure your vehicle is in good shape, gassed up, and prepared for the weather you will encounter  (Visit Consumer Reports for more details.)

Additionally, be a defensive driver.  This website has excellent tips.  Highlights include:  
  • Minimize distractions.  
  • Use "high eyes" driving, that be aware of the bid picture and focus beyond just the driver ahead of you.
  • Minimize lane changes.
  • Spot and avoid fast lane changers and "blind" lane changers.
  • Don't make eye contact with other drivers as this is often associated with road rage.
  • Look both ways at intersections, even when the light is green.
  • Know when and how to swerve.
  • Get away from bad drivers.
  • Don't follow too closely.
In addition, always wear your seat belt and please don't text and drive.

Have a safe holiday.

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