Friday, November 30, 2012

Farm Friday

Better late than never!  I was busy setting up for the tomorrow's holiday craft fair and finishing up one last apron.  Farm life is a bit quieter now, although there is still lots growing in the gardens:  cauliflower, broccoli, Swiss chard, radicchio, cabbage, and spinach.  Bill told me that the bok choy is coming back.  He was worried that the hard freeze we got just before Thanksgiving would mean an end to the garden but we still have plenty out there.  I froze six quart-sized bags of cauiflower for us to eat in the coming months.

I've been missing my little goat Miracle.  It seems so unfair after all that she and we went through; she should have lived to a ripe old goat age.  Fortunately, the other goats that were sick seem to be doing just fine so I'm counting my blessings.

A couple of mornings ago, I woke to a view of the moon over the barn pasture.  I thought it was so beautiful that I rushed outside to get a few photos.  Unfortunately, my camera didn't capture it very well.  Still, I thought I'd share them here:

Have a great weekend!

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Teresa Evangeline said...

Moon Over Barn Pasture, and a beautiful morning it was... I miss Miracle, too, and I never met her... Have a good weekend, Cherie.