Saturday, November 3, 2012

Package-Free Shopping

Unpackaged logo

I stumbled upon a website for an amazing store in London.  It's called Unpackaged and the name says it all.  At this store, almost everything is sold without packaging!  (I did spy some jars and bottles on shelves in the photos on the website.)  Customers bring their own clean containers (any kind will do) to fill with the various products carried by the store.  Products include everything from wines and juices from a barrel to environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  (If a customer forgets to bring containers, a variety of reusable ones are available for purchase.)  How amazing it would be to have stores like that in the U.S.!


EcoGrrl said...

Ah but there is! in Austin opened this past year :)

Cherie said...


That's a start! Wish it were closer to me, though.

Rubye Jack said...

This reminds me of a coop in San Francisco where much of the food is not packaged, but they do provide paper bags. Oh how I miss the Rainbow Grocery.

Cherie said...

Rubye, the west coast is so much more in tune with environmental and health issues.