Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wellness Wednesday

I'm always harping about how people are conned into thinking it's too expensive to eat healthy.  Below is an infographic highlighting some facts about eating out versus eating at home.  Often, it is much cheaper to cook at home and it's healthier, as well.  On the surface, some meals away from home (mainly fast food) can be cheaper on the front end but this usually is not the case.  And regardless of the initial cost, we must consider the future cost of the damage done by eating unhealthy processed, high fat, and high calorie foods.  

And the idea that eating out is quicker than cooking at home is false.  When my children were young - and had short attention spans - I found that I much preferred to stay home and cook a meal myself because of the time and stress involved in going out.  By the time we got everyone together, drove to a restaurant, waited in line if it was a weekend, waited for the waiter to come to our table, waited for him/her to return to take our order, waited for the food to be cooked and served, ate the meal, and then waited for our check, I could have cooked a much cheaper and healthier meal and even cleaned up afterwards.  And I would have avoided the stress of tired, bored, and cranky children acting up in public.


EcoGrrl said...


Yeah the portions always get me at restaurants - I often will go share an entree with a friend or just get appetizers as it's easy to fill up on those AND get the "small plate" benefit - smaller portions AND trying multiple items :)

BTW I'm doing Weight Watchers Online and it's been really helpful for the waistline and improving my consciousness while I'm at restaurants, thinking about what I can eat that is more healthy and what to skip/avoid.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I almost never go to restaurants anymore. I'd so much rather find my own fresh as possible ingredients, cook it myself in the atmosphere of my own kitchen and quietly eat in peace. And no tipping for bad service required. :)