Friday, November 2, 2012

Farm Friday

Random thoughts:

Our day lilies don't yet know that fall is here:
But the trees do:
We've had more than our usual share of sick goats this season.  Eleanor is the most recent, but although still very skinny, she seems to be making a comeback:
Our little goat Miracle continues to thrive.  Here she is with her sidekick Joey (she's the kid on the left):

As I was taking photos, she spotted me and seemed to ask, "Hey Joey, is that my mother?"

Joey, "What?  Oh yeah, I think so."
Miracle, "Yeah, that's definitely her."
And I found another bird's nest, this completely finished.  It had blown into our garage in the aftermath of Sandy.  You can see how it incorporated both fur from Joey and hair from our horse Rowan (sorry about the blurriness):
Have a great weekend!

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