Friday, July 9, 2010

Unplanned Renovations

I just returned from a working trip to Tampa.  My kitchen is in shambles and I'm trying to work with contractors and insurance companies.  Since it's a condominium, it gets complicated as some things are owned by us and other things are owned by the condo association.  All of our lower cabinets have been removed and I'm now trying to coordinate having the moldy drywall removed and replaced.  It's hard doing these things long distance.

The bright side is that, when everything is done, we will have a brand new kitchen (minus the appliances).  We're replacing the original cabinets - white laminate -  that were installed over 20 years ago so it will be a nice change.  At the time the condominiums were built, these cabinets were popular, but now they are very dated.  I've tried to select materials that are current but not too pricey, both because the insurance wouldn't pay for expensive upgrades and because it's not a luxury condo.  Since the kitchen is torn up, I decided to go ahead and replace the flooring, as well.  I never liked it, but because it's not my residence I decided to just live with it.  Now, with so much other work being done, I've decided to incur the additional expense.

I'll try to share photos as we make progress.

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