Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More on Zelda

I ended up leaving my poor sweet Zelda at the vet's office for a couple of days.  They were going to clip her fur and bathe her several times with some antifungal shampoo because initial tests show it  to be a fungal infection.  Once again, I've been a bad kitty mommy as I didn't notice that she has also lost a lot of weight.  Who knew with all that beautiful grey, fluffy fur?  I'm hoping her weight loss is associated with a lack of appetite from not feeling well and not a symptom of something else.  I plan to pick her up tomorrow, poor skinny, bald little thing, and lavish lots of love and affection on her.  


Fiona said...

Don't feel bad about not noticing Zelda's weight loss. My fluffy cat hid her skinniness under a beautiful coat of 'coffee and cream' coloured fur and she was an indoor, molly-coddled puss.

Do you know how old Zelda is?

Cherie said...

Fiona, we think Zelda is about 8 years old. We found her about 7 years ago and think she was about 1 then.