Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting Things Done

Finally - I seem to be making some headway on my house.  We finally moved my son's old bedroom furniture out of my soon-to-be "room of my own" and donated it  to a thrift store.  This morning I delivered my overstuffed chair and ottoman to the upholsterer, along with the fabric I purchased.  Unfortunately, I misjudged on how much fabric I needed for each piece of furniture, so rather than panicking, I decided to put the toile on the chair and ottoman and then ordered more of the check fabric for the sofa.  As we say in our family, it's all good.  The chair should be ready in a couple of weeks and then I'll be taking the sofa in for reupholstering (the extra fabric should be here by then).  Now, the problem of getting the sofa down the steps...

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