Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who I Am and Where I'm Going

Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to separating my various areas of interest into different blogs so as to spare help readers who are only interested in one area of my life from having to slog through rants about other areas.

On the other hand, I am, like everyone else, a multidimensional human being with many interests and I wear a variety of hats.  So, it wouldn't make sense to compartmentalize my life. 

Here's a peek into my life.  Among other things:
  • I'm a wife and mother.
  • I'm a liberal, social justice-oriented Christian.
  • Politically, I'm a Libertarian.
  • I'm a city girl who happens to live on a farm.
  • I try to live *green* and try to get others to do the same.
  • I try to live a simple, non-consumerist lifestyle.
  • That said, I do like having nice things, but like to enjoy what I have.
  • I'm an avid reader.
  • I'm a vegetarian who believes animals should be treated in a compassionate manner.
  • I'm a student.
  • I'm community volunteer.
  • I'm an advocate for Haiti.   
All of these different facets of my life call for different blog posts, depending on what is happing in my life and in the world.  After careful thought, though, I've decided to create a blog that is specific to Haiti.  Although I'll continue to blog here, in my new blog, named Haiti Calling, I will write about my continuing relationship with the country and people of Haiti. 

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Deanna said...

Over time I have ended up with three blogs. Tea With Dee was a spin-off from my newsletter with a certain type of reader. Eventually I began to want to speak out on issues that wouldn't set well with my more conservative readers. I didn't want to alienate them so I started The Well-Groomed Hippie. And then just a couple of months ago I decided to start Dee's Kitchen in order to have all my recipes in one place.

In some ways, it's challenging to keep up with three blogs and also to decide where to put certain posts. I also don't like the idea of compartmentalizing my life. Eventually I'd like to have a website and host all three blogs there.