Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Unicef Interference

I had to post an update to this morning's entry.  Haitian children and their legal guardians were verbally attacked at the Port-au-Prince airport by a mob of angry people who had no idea who the individuals were (I guess they felt inspired by the media frenzy set off by the arrested missionaries).  The police intervened with the result being that the children were taken to a Unicef camp.  Here I post pictures (and a link to the blog) of someone from the adopting orphanage who visited this camp.  I'm speechless over the thought that Unicef believes this is in the best interests of the children.  According to the orphanage's blog, supplies are few and adult caretakers are scarce.

Unicef's camp for the children who were going to their adoptive homes.

Where the children sleep.

A substitute for a baby bottle.

Funny, according to Unicef's website, they are trying to have Haiti adopt the following guidelines as passed by the UN in 2009:

1.Ensure that children do not find themselves placed in alternative care unnecessarily; and

2.that, where out-of-home care is provided, it is provided in appropriate conditions and of a type that responds to the child's rights, needs and best interests.
Looks like they're violating their own guidelines.

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