Monday, February 15, 2010

More Happenings and a Surprise

Things have quieted down on the farm - for now.  On Friday I discovered another baby goat in a stall with it's mother hanging out nearby.  I acted quickly to get the mother in the stall so they would begin bonding.  After I had them together, with the mother giving me a funny look, I realized it was NOT the mother.  Juliette was still pregnant, thank you very much.  So I had to go round up the other pregnant goat.  When I found Kelly, I realized she hadn't given birth.  The problem was, only two goats were pregnant, or so we thought.  After surveying the herd, I found the mother, Angie.  She's one of our younger goats who got under the fence one day, into the billy goat's pasture.  So that's how it happened - and it happened so quickly.  We had no idea she was pregnant.  At first I thought Angie rejected her new baby, which meant three months of bottle feeding on my part.  Turns out, she was just hungry and had left the baby in the stall while she got a much needed meal. 

In addition to all the birthing, I discovered that two of our goats are sick and I've started giving them penicillin.  Both are improving and I'll be able to discontinue the antibiotics as soon as the symptoms disappear.  Looks like we're going to have a good outcome this time.

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