Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kidding Season

We've finally had some good news on the farm.  Last night, when I went to check on the goats one more time before I called it a night, I heard a little goat voice (sounds like a very loud human baby).  I raced to the barn and discovered that Nelle had given birth to quadruplets!  Unfortunately, one of them was stillborn but the others were healthy.  I got busy putting up the heat lamp, drying off the babies, etc. to make sure everyone was healthy and comfortable, then headed to the house for the evening.   Nellie is the proud mother of two boys and one girl, Amy.  (We no longer name the boys as they are sold at market.)

This morning I had another mama, Missy, give birth.  She had twins - a boy and a girl.  The girl's name is Sally.  It took me a couple of hours to get everything situated - dry off the babies, close up the stall, get food for Missy.  I needed another heat lamp and my mother-in-law volunteered hers.  However, before I ran over to her house, I checked on the goats one more time.  Missy was acting strangely and, without going into too much detail, I realized she had another baby that she couldn't deliver.  For the first time, I had to use my real goat midwife skills and help her deliver a stillborn. 

Usually, I would be providing pictures but right now I don't have a camera that functions.  Or at least, I have a new camera; I just don't have a memory card to go with it. 

Although I'm sad about the five kids we lost, I'm thrilled that so far we have five healthy babies.  Both mothers are experienced, good mothers so they should take great care of the surviving babies.  We still have pregnant goats and I'm hoping the rest of the births will go smoothly.  But, as my husband says, the simple life isn't simple.


mamasong said...

I just wrote you and Bill an email a few minutes ago, I had no idea the kidding had begun in earnest! I hope and pray you will have many more live, healthy births to announce in the coming days and weeks. I'm really looking forward to becoming your assistant... would that be a doe-doula?

Cherie said...

Rachel - thanks for your kind words. We have 4 more pregnant goats but I don't think they're due anytime soon so I'm getting a much needed break! Hmmm, I guess I'm actually a doe-dula as well - looking forward to having you here.

Daniel said...

Good Effort Dear
i like your effort for saving the life of your goats by using the Heat Lamps in the goat farm to fell then warm up and healthy...