Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It Doesn't Stop

Well, just as I thought I had a bit of a reprieve, two more baby goats arrived.  This morning when I went out to check on the goats and take care of the rest of my farm chores, I discovered Maggie in a stall with two baby boys. 

Our barn has four stalls and it seems the mama goats always have their babies in the one stall used by the horse.  This extremely busy season has really shown this to be the case.  When Nellie had her babies, I closed stall and set up the one next door for the horse, Rowan.  The next morning, Missy had her babies in the new horse stall.  So, once again, I set up another stall for Rowan.  He had a couple of days to enjoy his new stall and this morning I had to shut the doors on him as Maggie chose his stall to have her babies.  One reason is probably because the goats like Rowan's company.  A neighbor once warned me about putting the horse and the goats in the same pasture; he was afraid the horse would injure the goats.  While that is a possibility, Rowan would never hurt one of the goats on purpose.  He genuinely likes having them around and became quite distressed the few times we've had to separate them.  The feeling must be mutual as indicated by the mothers trusting Rowan enough to have their babies in his stall.

Stay turned as we have three more pregnant does. 


mamasong said...

Hooray for a healthy delivery!

Lisa Sharp said...

I've always heard it's good to put horses and goats together, that they get along well. I on the other hand don't get along with goats lol.

Cherie said...

Lisa - maybe you just haven't met the right goats. :)