Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Although it's been quiet on this blog, a lot has been going on at my house.  One of the most exciting happenings is having visitors.  We've been honored to be visited by two of the missionaries from Danita's Children:  Danita Estrella and Brenda Sapp.  It's awesome to get to spend some quality time with them.  They're both beautiful ladies, both inside and out, and we're enjoying their company.  In addition, as they're staying in our guest house, I'm hoping they're getting some much needed R&R while they're here. 

For those who don't regularly read this blog, these ladies are part of a team who run an orphanage and school in Ouanaminthe, Haiti.  The orphanage houses 77 orphans and the school educates and feeds over 500 children.  Life is harsh in Haiti and the orphanage/school (Hope for Haiti's Children) is a virtual oasis.  These women are on call 24/7 and often deal with actual life and death decisions.  These ladies and saints and my heros.  I'm so glad they've chosen to spend some of their precious free time with us.