Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Farm Happenings

Last weekend while I was out of town, we got the edge of the northeastern blizzard.  About 8 inches of snow fell on the farm, blanketing everything in a lovely covering of white.  Although I hate the cold, the snow does look pretty. 

In addition to the snow news, we have new baby goats!  Two of the nannys were pregnant and gave birth on the same day - yesterday!  Sheena and Judy both gave birth to twin girls - Blondie and Barbie; Ramona and Sharona.  All are healthy and happy.  It's amazing how baby goats (I don't call them kids because that's what I call my human children) get up on their feet so quickly.  And I marvel at how most goat mothers immediately bond with and care for their babies.  I love how the mamas are so trusting of us when it comes to their babies.