Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Last Day of Challenge!

I finished the "100 Things Challenge" this morning!  Here's the tally:

82-88 Quality costume jewelry (to be saved for the church rummage sale)
89 Orphan sock
90 Old prescription glasses to be donated to Lions Club
91 Key chain
92-100 Miscellaneous junky costume jewelry I never wear

Done!  That was a very painless and quick way to declutter.  I'm thinking I need to make this a regular quarterly ritual.  While I don't entirely agree with the whole practice of feng shui, I do know that according to scientists, everything has energy.  When I have too much *energy* (i.e, clutter) around, it makes me feel bad.  Going through my possessions and eliminating those that aren't earning their keep is a great exercise in creating more tranquility in my life.


Fiona said...

Congratulations on finishing Cherie! Like you I plan to make this a regular thing. Quarterly is a good idea with the seasons. I love your thoughts on energy/clutter/tranquility

Lisa Sharp said...

Wow good job. I just took a load of stuff to the new reuse center in my town. It's such an awesome thing for this town!