Monday, December 21, 2009

Day One of the Challenge

I started the 100 things challenge today.  I must admit I think I might have cheated a little as I already had a box in my closet that I was starting to put things in;  however, it was still in my closet and now it's gone.  So far:

1-25 Items of clothing that were either 1) the wrong color for me; 2) the wrong style for me; 3) didn't fit well; 4) were duplicates of things I didn't need duplicates of; 5) worn out items.
26-27 Old sunglasses
28-30 Novels I finished that I will never re-read
31-33 Old shoes
34-37 More items of clothing
38 Key chain
39 Cardboard jewelry box
40 Cloth drawstring bag from some purchase that I can't even remember

Well, I'm off to a great start today - almost halfway there!


mamasong said...

That's wonderful, it feels so good to de-clutter! When we come to White Flint I'll bring some books and things I was going to get rid of and donate them to your Haiti trip sale :)

Cherie said...

Thanks, Rachel, that would be great. Don't go to too much trouble, though, as there are plenty of worthy organizations that take donations.

mamasong said...

It's actually no trouble at all. We gave so much to our local charities (picture this: 2,400 sq ft home has now been reduced to a 15'x15' bedroom). I'd actually love if a couple of the boxes we didn't get through could help support your efforts in Haiti, it would be an honor :-)