Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Challenge Continues

Yesterday I got some more purging done. Here's the tally:

41-46 Misc. disposable plastic containers that I've been hanging onto out of guilt but for which I have absolutely no use...
47-50 Coats and jackets from hall closet (either outgrown or unused).  I'll donate these to charity.
51-53 Old wire hangers from hall closet
54-57 flip flops and sandals
58 fabric flower pin
59 leather belt
60 fabric belt
61-64 summer scarves
65-68 winter scarves.  I'll donate these to charity
69 pair of old gloves
70-71 thermal hoods
72 fabric headband
73 straw hat
74 another winter scarf
75-77 winter hats
78-79 more gloves
80 another straw hat (had been part of a costume)
81 pair of shoes that are not at all my style

This challenge reminds me of the "27 fling boogie" on Flylady, but her assignment is to throw away 27 items and then give away 27 more.  Either way, it's a way of decluttering and simplifying life.  Only 19 more items to go!

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