Sunday, December 20, 2009

100 Things

Last month, I read about the 100 Things Challenge on La Bella Figura.  Although I had planned to participate, I didn't.  Then, I read about the challenge again, this time on The Closet Therapist, and I realized it's not too late to do it.  So this week I'm going to be editing my possessions, eliminating things that are just clutter in my life.  I try to be a minimalist, only keeping what I really love and use, but sometimes things start to accumulate.  I don't know if it's considered cheating or not, but I'm going to relegate most items to my basement for now.  You see, I'm going to organize a rummage sale at my church to raise money for a missionn trip to Haiti.  Although I want the clutter out of my house and out of my life, I'm going to postpone it temporarily.  And I assure you that I'm one of those people who, once an item is in the giveaway/discard pile, I don't go back for anything.  I'll begin this challenge tomorrow and post what goes.

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