Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wellness Wednesday

Vegetable Still Life
All our lives we've been told to eat our fruits and vegetables. Rodale's Organic Life tells us what happens if we don't do that:

  • Increased hunger
  • Sallow skin
  • Higher blood pressure
  • Depression 
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Shorter life expectancy
  • And much more

Go to the article to learn more.


David said...

Cherie, My organic knowledge began when I discovered Organic Gardening magazine at the library. I would use my lunch breaks at work and go to the library and read magazines that I was too cheap to buy. Well, it was more like to poor to buy. Reading Organic Gardening lead to books by Rodale. I devoured every thing I could find written under Rodale publishing. Then I discovered "Mother Earth News" magazine. I still have a subscription to Mother Earth News but Organic Gardening has changed from the original format and I've dropped that subscription. Prevention magazine was also one of my favorites that has changed into a woman's magazine. It used to be filled with natural remedies but not so much now. I really should revisit some of those old Rodale books that have resided on my book shelf for all those decades. They are still applicable in today's world.

Have a great Rodale day

Cherie said...

David, you're so right about Prevention. My mother subscribed to it back in the day. Today it is supported by Big Pharma and the corporate world so doesn't really promote natural health anymore. We have a Rodale organic farming book from the 40s!