Friday, September 18, 2015

Farm Friday

Bill's book is out!
Never a dull moment when you're running a farm! This week has been no exception. Here are a few highlights:

  • Bill's book Organic Wesley:  A Christian Perspective on Food, Farming, and Faith went to press and is now available. Check out his blog here for more details and go here to watch an introductory video.
  • Worked the mid-week market on Tuesday. This market will wrap up at the end of the month and will start back in the spring.
  • I made a new food to sell - Butternut Squash Muffins - and they were a hit on Tuesday. I made more today to sell tomorrow.
  • Bill and I will have two events to attend so we have to go separate ways. He will be at the farmers' market while I'm going to an event called "Southern Virginia Agricultural Experience" where we can showcase our farm and farm stay.
  • Attended the first ever Health Summit in our region. We only had time to go to the session on healthy food systems. Lots of good things happening in this area!
  • We have guests at the farm stay this weekend. They're very interested in homesteading and plan to do it full time.
  • I bought more fabric for aprons and made a new one for me to wear at the market.
  • Unfortunately, the deer have gotten into the purple hull peas - again.
  • The Asian and other greens are looking great! Fall means no bugs and when you're growing chemical free that means the greens look prettier than in the spring.

Have a great week!

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