Friday, September 11, 2015

Farm Friday

New fabric waiting to be made into aprons
Georgia got a new outfit for the season
Spotted "Mandy" hiding in the hummingbird vine
We're in a transition season now, with some summer crops (tomatoes) fading away and fall crops (Asian greens, arugula) starting to come in.

A brief glimpse of some of what I accomplished this week:

  • Baked butternut squash bread
  • Gave Georgia some new clothes (she was looking rough)
  • Made 4 loaves of spelt bread
  • Tried some new recipes - loved the eggplant taco recipe
  • Got new fabric to make aprons for the holiday craft shows
  • Created a new Powerpoint presentation for an upcoming event that will showcase local agriculture
  • Received our new marketing materials (not happy with the way the logo turned out on the banner but it's my own fault)
  • Tried dehydrating okra as I read it's a good snack food - I need to try again as it didn't turn out well
  • Canned some pasta sauce using tomatoes leftover from our Tuesday market

Have a great weekend!

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