Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wellness Wednesday

Ripe Wheat
Ripe wheat (source)
Recently we had a customer purchase some of our chemical-free produce to help a friend who was battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. This person understood that chemical-free food was what the friend needed to regain her health. However, once the food was purchased and the customer was walking away, Bill overheard this same person comment that now that the shopping for the sick person was done, it was time to get the personal shopping done. This person seemed to make no connection between food and illness; that is, it's only important to eat healthy, chemical-free food once you are sick.

The connection between chemicals in your food and cancer isn't new. Back in 2010, President Obama's cancer panel released a report highlighting the importance of eating chemical-free food to avoid cancer. (Read a summary here and the report here.) Yet we regularly meet people who don't make the connection.

Another issue I run up against as a vegetarian is the idea that I don't get enough protein. The inevitable first question upon learning I don't eat meat is "How do you get protein?" According to this article in Forbes Americans eat twice as much protein as they need. Plus, animal protein carries a higher risk of cancer; getting it from plant sources significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Bottom line if you want to reduce your risk of cancer:  eat chemical-free food that is mainly plant based.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

The issue of protein is one I have a lot with my finace (yeah, we need to catch up in an e-mail) he is always talking about getting protein and my rebuttal is that Americans get too much protein and then he thinks about all that he has eaten in a day and realizes that he's good in that dept.

Yes indeed, chemicals can cause and/or essentially switch on cancer that we may be pre-disposed to genetically.

Cherie said...

Shona - glad your finance (YES do catch me up) has taken the time to consider how much protein he actually consumes in a day. Unless you live in the third world, you're not likely to have a protein shortage. Unfortunately, we have a lot of malnutrition in the US due to the Standard American Diet which offers more calories than we need but not enough actual nutrition.