Saturday, June 20, 2015

Social Justice Saturday

I haven't done a "Social Justice Saturday" post in a while. I'm posting this one because animals need justice, too. They're part of our world and are living, sentient beings who are being wronged if they happen to be "farm" animals. Big Ag participates in the worst animal cruelty there is and the way to stop it is to stop buying their meat. While many people consider it futile to try to change the way corporations treat animals, we need to recognize our power. Think about what's driving the non-GMO trend - we the shoppers. But, as the video points out, unless we're aware there's a problem, we can't do anything about it. (And this is why Big Ag is upset with small farms like ours - because we're educating the public about their practices.) Watch this brief video then share it:

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