Friday, June 5, 2015

Farm Friday

Dill and oregano doing well in the garden
This time of year, it's always so much easier to give a list of the week's highlights. Here's a few things I did:
  • Consolidated freezers so we could unplug and clean one. Will cut down on our carbon footprint a little.
  • Visited a friend's local B&B and she visited our farm stay, something we've talked about doing this for a long time. We'll be working together when we know of visitors who have lodging needs we can't fill.
  • Also shared another friend's natural products line with the B&B,
  • Received some canna lilies, hummingbird vine (aka cypress vine), and "pink things/old fashioned roses" from someone's garden thinnings. I'll be planting them around the farmhouse and our house.
  • Continued transplanting starts to larger containers; put some in flower beds.
  • Made our usual deliveries
  • Working on my bug bite salve; have lots of jars of infusions in my kitchen!
  • Harvested and dried plantain for later use
  • Dried some of my herbs (tarragon, dill, oregano). I'll continue drying herbs as they come in and will package to sell again this year.
  • Gave Bill the tomato plants I started from seeds I got in a seed swap at a conference. He used them to fill in spots where other tomatoes didn't survive. The type was "Italian Beefsteak 'Grandma.'" We've never tried them before.
  • Listed our farm stay on AirBnB
  • Got some much needed rain. The gardens are looking great - although the weeds like the rain, too.
  • Hosted the Grace + Main leadership dinner last night (the ministry that works with homelessness and hunger issues in the inner city).
  • Got my first Azure Standard shipment. So glad we finally have that option in our area.
  • A customer's question motivated me to start offering gift certificates for our farm.
  • Prepping for market tomorrow.
  • Worked on our local CROP Hunger Walk, which will take place October 4. 
  • Will be hosting a group on Sunday for a farm tour and then a salad to sample some of our produce.

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April Michelle said...

Dried herbs are exciting. I will be down your way mid July so I might have to get some from you when I'm down. (Btw, I tried Orion with butter again and he seems to be doing a bit better with it than before. Poor lactose intolerant little guy.)