Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Morning Amusement

This Chris Rock monologue is funny and sad at the same time. 

This post isn't exactly the way I wanted it. The part of the video that I wanted to feature begins at 4:30 and ends around 5:15, but I couldn't figure out how to embed just that portion of the video and the online tutorials didn't work for me. So below is the entire video and the portion I wanted to share is here:

Chris Rock's take on the American Christmas experience is spot on.


David said...

Cherie, Chis Rock's commentary about Christmas is sadly so true. Christmas should be about blessing and caring but instead it's about buying stuff. How much of the received stuff over my life time can I even remember getting? Hardly any. Every year people are convinced that they need to buy more stuff than the previous year to keep the economy healthy. At one time I fell into that trap. Debt, loans, and credit were the three Musketeers that almost destroyed me. Long after the stuff was gone those haunting credit hound dogs snapped at my heels. I'm glad to say that lesson in life was learned and all that misery is in the past. There's a lot more freedom when debt doesn't control what I can or can not do.

Have a great celebration of Jesus' birthday.

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