Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Alternative

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Except in Vermont where it is being challenged, there are no states that require GMO labeling. However, there's a great voluntary program that lets you know that food products are free of GMOs. It's the non-profit Non-GMO Project. With this program, food manufacturers who want customers to know that their products are GMO-free can sign up, go through the verification process, and if they're clean, can use the label on their products. I know I have started looking for the label with the few processed food items that I buy. And maybe it's better that we don't depend upon government intervention when it comes to organics, mainly since Big Ag seems to have taken over the "certified" label. With certified organic, it's extremely difficult and too expensive for a small farm to participate, not to mention the fact that large agri-business corporations continue to demand changes that dilute the spirit of the program.

One question I need to research: Are any of the companies currently using this program ones that fought GMO labeling? 


Aimee said...

our state lost the battle against Monsanto by <10,000 votes this week. Maui, on the other hand, had a major victory:

Cherie said...


It's sad that it was so close - and that money bought the election.