Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Morning Amusement


Last night I opened my RSS reader to see how many blog posts from my subscriptions were unread:  2146. Since I don't have a premium account, I'm only allowed a maximum of 100 subscriptions. Life has been busy. I'm counting on winter to help me catch up on reading and commenting.

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David said...

Cherie, summer time does slow down my blog reading as well. This year had many unexpected wrinkles in the schedule which intensified the garden schedule. I know you are not quite into the winter mode just yet there in Virginia but here in Nebraska winter came early with unseasonably frigid temperatures which as kept the five inches of snow frozen to the ground. There's no above freezing prediction for the next three days. This kind of weather usually doesn't arrive for another month but this year .... well .... here it is. So an extra month to work on inside projects, catch up on blogging, read those unread back issues of gardening magazines, read some new garden books, catch up on those favorite TV shows on Hulu, and many other things to stay busy is not a bad thing. Yeah, plenty of things to stay busy until seed starting begins in February.

Have a great Monday morning amusement day.