Friday, December 20, 2013

Farm Friday

A few highlights from the week:

  • We held a very productive Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia meeting at our house on Tuesday night.
  • We've been busy filling produce and meat orders.  We now deliver two days a week, to three different locations.
  • I sold two aprons, one to a friend who is one of my best customers.
  • Word is spreading about my granola and I think I will have more sales.
  • I tried to make potato chips in my dehydrator and it was a big fail.  Not sure if I'll attempt it again.
  • I bought this book (used, of course) and am looking forward to curling up with it and gleaning some good homesteading information:

  • I was surprised to find at our local Goodwill the very issue of Mary Jane's Farm that I had been looking for:

  • The most exciting news is that we had two baby goats born this afternoon.  Here's the proud mama Bonnie with her babies, a boy and a girl:

Have a great weekend!

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Rubye Jack said...

Oh, those babies are so totally precious!