Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wellness Wednesday

Today's post is for the ladies.   This article points out the health risks associated with wearing high heels.  I confess:  I sometimes do wear heels.  But when I do, I almost always wear very low ones.  In fact, I find it impossible to wear very high heels.  And I've never understood how other women can wear them  and wear them all day.  The idea of having surgery in order to fit into shoes - what are they thinking?



Rubye Jack said...

I have never understood a lot of things women do for the sake of vanity. There were enough men who were attracted to me when I was younger and I never had to resort to high heels, plastic surgery, or even makeup. I don't think men really are all that interested in plastic women and so that leads me to believe women are doing these self-destructive things as some sort of competitive game with other women.
Who knows! ha.

EcoGrrl said...

When I worked in retail I wore heels every day and remember that, while I did get used to it, I'd come home with "barbie doll feet" and have to rub them to get my feet to feeling normal again. Now of course I barely wear them so it's impossible for me to wear them for more than a couple hours at the most! What amazes me is ever since Sex and the City, stilettos and other shoes that were only worn by prostitutes are now mainstream - and even sold in the JUNIOR section of big department stores like Nordstrom. It's repulsive to me to be honest. Looking in magazines and all the women are in 5" heels and to me they just look silly. I love how a heel can make my leg look longer but if it's at the sake of bitter pain and potential injury, I'm not that vain :)