Saturday, May 11, 2013

Farm Musings

This week has been a busy week.  I haven't been on top of the blog but have been checking off items on my very long "To Do" list.

Earlier this week I was cooking like mad in the kitchen.  I baked five loaves of bread, made two batches of granola (one for us and one for a customer), and cooked some flax crackers in my dehydrator.  I'm experimenting with making crackers and welcome any recipe suggestions.  I've been using parchment paper in my dehydrator which isn't ideal so I just ordered some paraflexx sheets for making more liquid items like crackers.

Last Saturday we ended up going to a total of three nurseries looking for tomato starts.  Our own tomato starts weren't successful so we had to look to the nurseries to supply our plants.  Problem is all the nurseries started their plants anticipating that people would be planting them at the normal time.  Problem is the weather has been crazy.  It's mid-May and we're expecting near freezing weather next week!  So almost all the nursery starts are far too large.  Fortunately, we found some smaller plants, all the heirloom varieties that Bill likes to grow, plus some eggplant - both the traditional Black Beauty and  the smaller Japanese varieties.  I also picked up some more herbs (I can't resist!).  I bought more lavender, some lemon thyme, additional rosemary, and a very interesting "curry" plant.  The plant smells like curry although that is not what curry is made from.  

I made a trip to the organic store and stocked up on some staples from the bulk bins.  I was glad I brought enough jars from home that I didn't have to use any plastic bags.  I had run out of organic, fair trade Earl Grey tea but almost didn't buy any because I don't drink hot tea in warm months.  However, I decided to pick up some anyway and I'm glad I did.  It really hit the spot on some of the cold mornings we've had.

One of our goats, Emmy Lou, kidded and had a beautiful girl.  We were a bit frustrated because she's a first-time mother and she seemed to keep losing her kid!  For several days, we'd go check on the goats in the evening and Emmy Lou wouldn't have her kid with her.  We'd comb the pasture but not be able to find the kid.  Then the next morning, there would be no sign of the kid.  But then by mid-morning, there she'd be.  We have no idea where she could have been hiding her baby but obviously 1) it was a very good spot and 2) she knows what she's doing.  

We got a surprise yesterday when we found out we would be having our granddaughter Rayne for the weekend.  And just in time for Mother's Day weekend!  Rayne loves being on the farm, visiting all the farm animals and house pets.  Of course, she also like spending time with Mimi and Grandpa!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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