Friday, May 3, 2013

Farm Friday

We've had a busy week - I think I'm still recovering from it.

Our open house was a huge success.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  The sun was shining but the temperature was mild and there was no wind.  We estimate that we had about 100 visitors.  We had three other farms represented - all members of Chemical-Free Farms of Southern Virginia.  Since Bill and I ran the open house by ourselves we really didn't have time to take many photos but I'm sharing the few I took (mainly before the open house began).  We had activities for children, a hay ride/farm tour, and the grand opening of our farm store which we plan to have open one afternoon a week beginning in June and running through November.  I even unveiled our new product - my granola!  I sold out and have gotten three additional orders.  Here's a taste of what we had going on:
Pinwheel at the mailbox to catch everyone's attention

Farm banner on the balcony of the Old House
Back porch ready to welcome visitors

Tables set up for children's activities
Bill setting out feed for visitors to feed goats

The beginning of the farm tour, starting with the asparagus
Hay wagon hitched to the tractor
The afternoon was a blur and I felt like I didn't have a chance to really talk to everyone.  But we were told what a great afternoon it was and plan to do it again next year.  

Hosting the event made me realize I need to bring some other plans to fruition.  In the near future, I plan to open the house as a weekend rental.  Everyone who has stayed at the house has remarked on what a great retreat it is and that it is extremely peaceful and relaxing.  It's a great place to just get away from it all - no television, no internet, and, best of all, no city lights or city noise.  Plus they learn that sustainable farming is possible and important.   I'll keep you posted on this project.

We also got a couple of pigs this week.  Two cute, red females that are a cross of two breeds - Tamworth and Hampshire.  The chicks continue to grow and we'll be moving them to their new coop as soon as the new fencing arrives.  We also ordered a second portable coop.  This afternoon I discovered that Emmy Lou had given birth to a beautiful female kid.  The baby was all cleaned up, and even walking, when I found her.  Updating the post to share photos that Bill took:

Emmy Lou's baby
The new girls

Have a great weekend!


shoreacres said...

It just looks wonderful! Are you going to post your granola recipe, or will that stay a secret?

I think the idea of making a retreat available is great. I know several people, mostly single women and older/retired couples in Virginia who would love a chance to get away from Alexandria, Fredericksburg, etc. All would be interested in your life, too, and your commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Heck, if you throw in feeding the goats I might even show up some day!

EcoGrrl said...

how cool! i'd totally stay in that house! looking forward to new pig stories so i can continue to live vicariously from you via my perch in the city :)

Cherie said...


I'll probably put my granola recipe on my blog at some point. And feeding goats is mandatory for guests! ;)